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#nnnnn: Assign Membership of Online Meeting XXXXX (TEMPLATE)

Dear $name,

Thank you for registering, we have given you (free) Membership to the XXXXX.

  • It is essential that you confirm your login access as soon as possible:
    • Log in here, using $email and your password
    • If you have forgotten your password – or if this is your first time registering – you can (re)set it through a link at Meeting Login.
  • At the XXXXX meeting on xx and xx Xxxxx, you can log in here, using $email.
  • The public XXXXX meeting page is here; the restricted XXXXX page is reached by logging in.
  • Note that the link to the Meeting will not be live until soon before it starts! 

If you have any questions or problems, do not hesitate to get in touch with

Many thanks,
IICN team