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#3286: Send ORIGINAL renewal notice for IICN Membership (don't use)

Dear $name,

Thank you for your contribution to the Irish Institute of Clinical Neuroscience throughout the past year.

Your annual membership subscription has now expired, and we would like to invite you to renew it for this year. The annual membership fee is €150 (approx. £125) for consultants and equivalent and €75 (approx. £63) for registrars and equivalent (a 50% discount will be applied at checkout).

Please click $invitationLink to update your IICN membership for 2022, logging in with $email. Then

  • click on Memberships to see your memberships (see attached image), then
  • click on the Renew option for IICN Membership.

A receipt for your payment will be issued to you.

You may also wish to update your member profile on the website and this may be done when you have logged in through the Members Area of the website.

If you have any questions or problems, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Many thanks,
IICN team