Research bodies and initiatives - International

A number of research initiatives as well as prizes and awards for research in neuroscience are made each year from countries and organisations throughout the world. Please click the title of each prize below to view further details

  • Fondazione Gino Galletti

The "Fondazione Gino Galletti" European Neuroscience Prize for young investigators is awarded yearly to a young European Union researcher in the field of neurodegenerative pathologies leading to dementia. More

The NIH with participating organisations offers an International Neuroscience Fellowship.
The goal of this International Neuroscience Fellowship Program is to provide a unique opportunity to qualified foreign neuroscientists, at junior or mid-career level, to receive one to two years of research training in the United States (U.S.).
For further details and application, please click on the link to follow NIH International Neuroscience Fellowship

  • Melas Trial

Clinical Trials in Mitochondrial Disease, Newcastle More

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