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The core objectives of the Institute of Clinical Neuroscience are to promote research and education in neuroscience in Ireland. Support for neuroscience research and education are offered in the form of Grants and Fellowship funding through the IICN.

Applications are currently invited for two independent IICN Grants to be awarded in 2020. Please click the link to follow for details 2020 IICN Grant 
The closing date for receipt of applications is Friday, December 15th, 2019

Previous Grant Awards

                                                                          IICN Fellowship Grant Awards 2007 - 2019



Two Independent
IICN Grants 2019
Applications were invited for two independent grants of €20,000 each to support research and educational activities in the clinical neurosciences. Eight applications were received and assessed by the Scientific Committee.
Grants were awarded to two projects
1) Dr. Jane Cryan, Beaumont Hospital and her team for her project "The Establishment of a Brain Tumour Biobank Facility"
2) Prof. Orla Hardiman, Academic Unit of Neurology, Trinity College and her team for her project "Development of Novel Non-invasive Biomarkers in Spinal Muscular Atrophy"
IICN / Sanofi Genzyme Fellowship Grant 2018

Six applications were received for this Fellowship Grant from Principal Investigators in Ireland and Northern Ireland. Detailed review and assessment was conducted by the scientific committee with specific review by international experts assessors for each application. The award recommended to the IICN Board of Directors was approved and was made to the application from Dr. Colette Donaghy, Altnagelvin Hospital, Derry. The title of Dr. Donaghy's research is "Validation of circulating exosomal diagnostic and prognostic biomarker candidates for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis"

Dr. Brian Sweeney, IICN Treasurer and Board Member presented the 2018 IICN / Sanofi Genzyme Fellowship Grant award to Dr. Gavin Cluskey, with Mr. Colin Beautyman, Sanof Genzyme, Dr. Stephen Hunt and Dr. Michael Kinney, Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast.

IICN / Sanofi Genzyme Fellowship Grant 2016 Seven applications were received for the Grant from Principal Investigators who has strong records of conducting research in their fields. The grant committee reviewed all applications and evaluated each project, securing external assessment by international experts in project areas. Following the grant committee's recommendation to the IICN Board of Directors, the Fellowship Grant was awarded to Professor Norman Delanty and Dr. Mark McCormack for their project “Sequencing the mitochondrial genome in adult patients with unexplained epilepsy”.
IICN / Novartis Ireland Fellowship Grant 2015             

Ten applications were received for the IICN / Novartis Ireland Fellowship Grant 2015.  The Grant was awarded to Dr. Peter Bede for his project “Developing MRI markers for ALS”.
Pictured at the presentation of the award are L to R, Dr. Niamh Murphy, Novartis Ireland; Dr. Christopher McGuigan, Dean, Irish Instittute of Clinical Neuroscience; Dr. Peter Bede, Neurology Specialist Registrar, Beaumont Hospital; Mr. Eugene Strong, Novartis Ireland.

2014 IICN / Novartis Ireland Fellowship Grant  Two applications received equivalent very high scores in the external and internal assessment and the IICN Board decided to award the 2014 IICN / Novartis Ireland Fellowship Grant jointly between two projects, dividing the funding equally.

Dr. Soon Tjim Lim, under the direction of Dr. Dominick McCabe, Department of Neurology, The Adelaide and Meath Hospital, Dublin, incorporating the National Children's Hospital, Dublin will conduct their research “Optimal Antiplatelet Therapy in TIA and Ischaemic Stroke (OATS) Study”.

Dr. Eavan McGovern, under the direction of Professor Michael Hutchinson, Department of Neurology, St. Vincent's University Hospital, Dublin, will conduct their research “A functional magnetic resonance imaging study of the response in the superior colliculi to looming stimuli in patients with cervical dystonia and their unaffected first-degree relatives with and without abnormal temporal discrimination”.

For details please click the link to follow 2014 IICN Fellowship Grant Award

2013 IICN / Novartis Ireland Fellowship Grant The 2013 IICN / Novartis Ireland Fellowship Grant was awarded to Dr. Niall Pender and Dr. Tom Burke for their research project "Neuropsychological and Functional Correlates of Social Cognition in Neurodegenerative diseases".
2012 IICN / Novartis Ireland Fellowship Grant The IICN / Novartis Ireland Fellowship Grant 2012 was awarded to Dr. Anna Molloy, under the direction of Professor Michael Hutchinson, for their research project "Evaluation of the effects of environmental factors in relation to disease penetrance in adult onset primary torsion dystonia".
2011 IICN / Genzyme Neromuscular Fellowship The 2011 IICN / Genzyme Pharmaceuticals Neuromuscular Fellowship was awarded to Dr. Aisling Ryan and Dr. Stela Lefter for their project "A Population-Based Epidemiologic Study of Adult Neuromuscular Disease in the Republic of Ireland"
2011 IICN / Novartis Ireland Fellowship Grant The IICN / Novartis Ireland Fellowship Grant 2011 was awarded to Dr. Thomas Monaghan under the direction of Professor Orla Hardiman and Dr. Colin Doherty for their project "Year 2 of the Young Onset Neurodegeneration Project 2010 - 2013".
2010 The jointly funded IICN / Merck Serono Fellowship Grant 2010 has been awarded to Dr. Dominick McCabe for his project "HaEmostasis In carotid STenosis (HEIST) Study"
2010 IICN / GSK Clinical Neuroscience Grant

The 2010 IICN /GlaxoSmithKline Clinical Neuroscience grant  was awarded jointly to Mr. Tom Flannery and to Dr. Richard Walsh.

Mr. Flannery's research project “Investigation of the role of cathepsins in astrocytoma invasion and angiogenesis in vivo using an orthotopic rodent glioma model”, will be conducted at the Centre for Cancer Research & Cell Biology, Queen’s University Belfast.

Dr. Richard Walsh's Clinical Fellowship in Movement Disorder will be pursued in Toronto Western Hospital, Canada

2010 IICN Fellowship Grant

The IICN Fellowship Grant 2010 was awarded to Dr. Seán Tomas O'Dowd to support his research entitled "Tau aggregation in neurodegenerative disease". Dr. O'Dowd will conduct his research at the Dublin Neurological Institute, Mater Misericordiae University Hospital with Prof. Tim Lynch and laboratory research at the Conway Institute, University College Dublin with Prof. Dominic Walsh.
Tauopathies are a class of neurodegenerative diseases which are characterized by the pathological accumulation of hyperphosphorylated tau protein fragments within the central nervous system; the hallmark lesion is the neurofibrillary tangle (NFT).

Dr. Stanley Hawkins, President, Irish Neurological Association 2010 with Dr. Seán Tomas O'Dowd, and Dr. Kevin Murphy, Consultant Neurologist, Sligo / Letterkenny Regional Hospitals.

IICN / UCB (Pharma) Ireland Neuroscience bursary

The 2008 IICN / UCB Pharma Neuroscience  bursary was jointly awarded to Dr. Uchenna Okafo, Cork University Hospital and Dr. Sandya Tirupathi,  Beaumont Hospital. The Bursary is aimed at encouraging and recognising ongoing research in clinical neurosciences.

Dr. Okafo's project is entitled “Synaptic Input to Neuropeptide Y (NPY) containing Neurones in the Amygdala of Pharmacoresistant Temporal Lobe Epilepsy Patients”

Dr. Sandya Tirupathi's  project is entitled “A pharmacogenomic exploration of genetic risk factors in valproate-induced weight gain in patients with epilepsy”.


2007 IICN / Merck Serono Fellowship Dr Dominick McCabe accepting the 2007 IICN / Serono Pharmaceuticals Fellowship award presented by Dr. Kevin Marron, Serono Pharmaceuticals.

The research project "Assessment of platelet activation and function in response to different antiplatelet regimens in the early and late phases after ischaemic stroke or TIA" will be carried out at the Adelaide & Meath Hospital, incorporating the National Children's Hospital (AMNCH), Tallaght.



To view projects previously funded neuroscience research grants please click on the link to follow IICN Brain Research

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