IICN / UCB Pharma 2008 Neuroscience Bursary Award

IICN/UCB 2008 Neuroscience Bursary grant winners announced.

IICN in conjunction with UCB (Pharma) Ireland Ltd has announced the winners of the 2008 Neuroscience Bursary, which is aimed at encouraging and recognising ongoing research in clinical neurosciences. The bursary has been jointly awarded to Dr. Uchenna Okafo, Registrar, Cork University Hospital and Dr. Sandya Tirupathi, Research Fellow in Epilepsy, Beaumont Hospital.

Dr. Uchenna Okafo has been recognised for his project “Synaptic Input to Neuropeptide Y (NPY) containing Neurones in the Amygdala of Pharmacoresistant Temporal Lobe Epilepsy Patients”



Pictured at the UCB sponsored 2008 Neuroscience Bursary Award in Cork are (L to R), Dr Olivia O’ Mahony, Cork University Hospital, Dr Brian Sweeney, CUH, Dr. Don O'Leary, UCC, Gillian Bermingham, UCB (Pharma), Dr. Uchenna Okafo (Winner), CUH, Mr. Charles Marks, CUH, Dr Aisling Ryan, CUH, Aidan Fitzgerald UCB (Pharma), Dr. Catherine Keohane, Dean of IICN.





Dr. Sandya Tirupathi has been recognised for her project “A pharmacogenomic exploration of genetic risk factors in valproate-induced weight gain in patients with epilepsy”.

Pictured at the UCB sponsored 2008 Neuroscience Bursary Award in Dublin are (L to R) Michael Rigney, UCB (Pharma), Dr Amre Shahwan, Temple Street Hospital, Dr Norman Delanty, Beaumont Hospital, Dr Sandya Tirupathi (Winner), Beaumont Hospital, Gillian Bermingham, UCB (Pharma), Dr Gianpiero Cavalleri, Royal College of Surgeons, Dr Valerie Reid, Mater Hospital.


The IICN/UCB (Pharma) Ireland Neuroscience bursary is for 20,000Euro and will be awarded biennially. Priority is given to research projects involving diseases causing movement disorders or epilepsy.

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