Presentation of IICN / Novartis Ireland Fellowship Grant 2014

Dr. Raymond Murphy, Dean of the IICN, with Dr. Eva Lindgren and Ms. Fiona Cullinan, Novartis Ireland, presented the IICN / Novartis Fellowship Grant 2014 to the Principal Investigators and Researchers of the successful research projects.

                        Dr. Dominick McCabe and Dr. Soon Tjin Lim

                      Dr. Eavan McGovern and Prof. Michael Hutchinson

Due to the high number of eligible and significant applications for this prestigious grant award, the peer review assessment process for grant applications had been extended. Two applications received equivalent very high scores in the review and the IICN Board decided to award the IICN / Novartis Ireland Fellowship Grant 2014 to both projects, dividing the funding equally.

Dr. Soon Tjim Lim, under the direction of Dr. Dominick McCabe, Department of Neurology, The Adelaide and Meath Hospital, Dublin, incorporating the National Children's Hospital, Dublin will conduct their research “Optimal Antiplatelet Therapy in TIA and Ischaemic Stroke (OATS) Study” with support from the Fellowship Grant

Dr. Eavan McGovern, under the direction of Professor Michael Hutchinson, Department of Neurology, St. Vincent's University Hospital, Dublin, will conduct their research “A functional magnetic resonance imaging study of the response in the superior colliculi to looming stimuli in patients with cervical dystonia and their unaffected first-degree relatives with and without abnormal temporal discrimination”.

The IICN is grateful for the continued sponsorship of neurology research by Novartis Ireland,

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