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Dr. Stanley Arthur  Hawkins

Adult Neurology

Reader in Clinical Neurology, Queen’s University Belfast

Room 324,
Institute of Clinical Science,
Block A,
Royal Victoria Hospital,
BT12 6BA
Northern Ireland

Queen’s University Belfast
Medicine - Neurology

Jacci Harper

Adult Neurology

Last three collaborations:
1. Molyneux PD, Kappos L, Polman C, et al.The effect of interferon beta -1b treatment on MRI measures of cerebal atrophy in secondary progressive multiple sclerosis. Brain 2000;123:2256-2263.
2. European Study Group on Interferon-Beta-1a in MS.Double-blind randomized multicenter dose-comparison study of interferon-ß-1a (Avonex): rationale, design and baseline data. Multiple Sclerosis 2001 7;179-183.
3. European Study Group in Interferon ß-1b in Secondary Progressive MS.Neutralizing antibodies during treatment of secondary progressive MS with interferon ß-1b. Neurology 2003;60 :36-43.