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The ILAE (International League Against Epilepsy) Irish Chapter Expert Speakers day, under the presidency of Dr. Danny Costello, will take place on Friday, November 15th  2019.

President's Invitation

‘On behalf of the Irish Chapter of the ILAE, I invite anyone interested to attend this year’s annual expert day meeting on Friday November 15th 2019. The 1-day meeting will be held in Croke Park conference center. The topics covered are diverse, reflecting the complexity of caring for individuals and populations with epilepsy. Please register by emailing Amre.Shahwan@cuh.ie.  Anyone involved in the care of persons with Epilepsy is invited and welcome.
 - Dr. Daniel Costello, President, Irish Chapter of ILAE

ILAE Irish Chapter (IEL) president Dr Daniel Costello and the ILAE Council are happy to announce the 2019 Expert Speakers’ Day. This meeting is an educational platform for all those working with patients with epilepsy (medical, nursing, research and community support). There is a well-balanced selection of both national and international speakers all of whom are experts in the field of epilepsy and related disciplines. This year, there will be presentations covering practical and clinical epilepsy aspects including diagnosis, syndrome recognition (epilepsy and genetics) and indeed epilepsy management. There will be some presentations with emphasis on more recent epilepsy related research with relevance to clinical practice and management and indeed some exploration of some uncommonly visited areas of paediatric epilepsy. There is a highly anticipated debate, the topic of which is very practical relating to acute management of seizures and is actually born out of discussions at the last 2018 meeting!


The meeting will open at 08.30 for Registration and will conclude at 17.00. To view the detailed programme for the ILAE Expert Day please click the link to follow ILAE 2019 Programme

Application is in process for CME accreditation for the meeting.

If you are already an IEL member, it will be possible to pay your membership fees on the day at registration (details to follow). A full program will be circulated and advertised once confirmed. You are invited to register by email to Amre Shahwan (IEL secretary) amre.shahwan@cuh.ie

We look forward to seeing you all on the 15th of November 2019 at Croke Park.

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