TalkforMe iphone app give dystonia sufferer the gift of speech

A County Louth man, Karl McEvoy who has a rare neurological movement disorder known as dystonia, has been given the gift of speech thanks to a new revolutionary iPhone App developed by his father

Karl McEvoy, now 21 years old, developed dystonia at 4 years of age resulting in his being unable to communicate verbally with many people apart from his family. The new App for the iPhone, ‘TalkforMe’, which has been developed by his father, Hugh McEvoy, gives those with a range of speech impaired disabilities a tool to get their voices heard.

‘TalkforMe’ is a multipurpose communication tool that allows people communicate their needs by using images that they take with their iPhone and sentences that they type in which are then spoken in over 30 languages. The App can be completely customised to the needs of the individual and can be set up to contain relevant user identified groups of pictures and sentences which can be vocalised and translated into different languages. The beauty of the ‘TalkforMe’ App is the fact that all the groups are user defined, which means they are relevant to the individual/parent/guardian/teacher who sets it up.

Users of this App could also include those who regularly travel to other countries and people who have speech or learning difficulties. The basic idea is that the user can add as many pictures and sentences as they wish and organise them into relevant groups. The user can call on this vast library of content to communicate their message to another person by clicking on an item which consists of a picture and a sentence and pressing the ‘talk’ button.
The sentence is then spoken and the user can choose different languages to repeat the sentence depending on their location.

‘Talkfor Me’ was developed by TalkToMe mobile phone shops founder Hugh McEvoy after his son, Karl, found speech was becoming more difficult following a childhood diagnosis of dystonia. Hugh said "This degenerative illness has made it more difficult for Karl to speak and communicate his needs as he got older. I wanted to do something to help and spent a number of months developing the TalkforMe App. He uses it every day and there is huge potential for it to be used by other people who have difficulty with verbal communication".

The cost of the new App is only €4.99.
For more information, interview or App details, contact Hugh McEvoy at

Listen to news clips about the new TalkforMe app below.

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