Huntington's Disease radio programme wins award


Ella McSweeney1

'Mind Matters' on Huntington's Disease won the Speech Programming Award at the recent PPI Radio Awards. Mind Matters is a science radio series that gives an insight into conditions of the human brain. The programme includes interviews with Prof. Patrick Morrison, Professor of Human Genetics at Belfast City Hospital and Dr. Sarah Duke from the National Centre for Medical Genetics at Crumlin Children's Hospital.

Huntington’s Disease is a rare inherited brain disorder that directly affects about 500 people in Ireland, with over 2,000 further people at risk. This programme told the science story of the condition. It included an interview with Galway-born scientist Michael Conneally who helped to isolate the gene in 1993. Conneally told how a small community in Venezuela helped millions of people around the world in the search for a greater understanding of Huntington's Disease. The programme also featured the heart-rending story of a Kildare family who are affected by the condition. The programme is podcast on the website

Bob Dylan recorded his tribute in song to Woodie Guthrie, the celebrated songwriter who suffered from Huntington's Disease.

The presenter and producer of Mind Matters - On Huntington's Disease is Ella McSweeney.

To access the website of the Huntington's Disease Association of Ireland, which offers support to those diagnosed with Huntington's Disease, please click on the link to follow HDAI

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