Specialty Certificate Examination in Neurology, UK

The Federation of Royal Colleges of Physicians of the United Kingdom, in association with the Specialist Societies, has developed a programme to deliver Specialty Certificate Examinations within the training structure. The purpose of the Specialty Certificate Examinations is to:

  • ensure that certified specialists have sufficient knowledge of their specialty to practice safely and competently as consultants
  • complement workplace-based assessments
  • provide a rigorous national assessment to establish public confidence
  • offer a challenge similar to sub-specialty certification examination in North America.

Specialty Certificate Examination in Neurology

The Specialty Certificate Examination in Neurology is delivered once a year. In 2012, the Examination will take place on May 9th. The overseas registration period is January 11th - February 13th 2012

Eligibility requirements

There are no entry requirements for the SCE in Neurology, although candidates in UK training posts would usually take the SCE in Neurology in their penultimate year of higher speciality training.

Exam format

The Specialty Certificate Examination in Neurology is a computer-based two-paper test with a total of 200 questions. Each paper contains 100 questions and lasts three hours. The papers are based on the MRCP(UK) ‘best of five’ multiple choice questions format.

Further details

Further details may be viewed at the website of the Membership of the Royal College of Physicians UK at the link to follow MRCP UK

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