Specialist Registrar Training Days 2007

        Programme of Specialist Registrar Training Days 2007
Date Topic Local Organiser Venue Comments
January Neuromuscular Dr. Victor Patterson  
Deferred to Neuromuscular Meeting
on March 2nd and 3rd at Culloden Hotel, Belfast.
March 2nd and 3rd As above      

March 30th


Stroke Dr. Michael Watt Upper Lecture Theatre, Education Centre, Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast

10.00 Coffee
11.00 Dr. Paul Brannigan, Principal Medical Physicist will talk on ultrasound of neck vessels
14.00 Dr Schwamm, Boston (telelink) will speak on telestroke
Selection of case presentations with discussion by the Belfast neurology registrars on thrombolysis, decompressive craniectomy, CADASIL, Moyamoya, and spinal stroke.
Time permitting, Dr. Watt will speak on TIA
The day will conclude at approx 16.00

April 20th Cognitive Disorders  Dr. Colin Doherty Beaumont Hospital and St. James' Hospital, Dublin

Beaumont Neuroscience Conference 08.30
Reconvene at William Stokes Postgraduate Centre, St. James' Hospital 11am. Click on the link to follow for programme Cognitive Disorders

May 17th and 18th  Various Neuroscience topics  Mr. John Gray Stormont Hotel Belfast  Irish Neurological Association Meeting. Please click the link to follow INA
June 22nd  Headache  Dr. Raeburn Forbes Medical Education Centre, Craigavon Hospital Map Specialist Registrars should email Dr. Raeburn Forbes with a one-line summary of the cases they intend to present (in a non-threatening, educationally supportive atmosphere). Presentations by trainees will constitute at least one hour of the programme. It is important that cases are known in advance, as it will determine the content of the last lecture. Please click on the link to follow for the programme for the Training Day Programme.
September 21st and 28th


Various Topics at NUM

Dr. Catherine Keohane, Dr. Raymond Murphy, Dr. Norman Delanty

RCPI, Dublin
Guinness Storehouse, Dublin

Attendance at either of the following two meetings:

  • Dementia Seminar, RCPI, September 21st For further details and programme please click the link to follow Dementia Seminar
  • Neurology Update Meeting, Guinness Storehouse, September 28th. For further details please click the link to follow Neurology Update
October 26th Neurology and Intensive Care  Dr. R Murphy Beaumont Hospital and Tallaght Hospital Programme
8.30-10.00 a.m. Beaumont Hospital           Neurosciences meeting.
11.00 a.m. Coffee Tallaght –Education Centre.
11.15-12.15 p.m. Dr Doyle Anaesthetist in Charge of ICU
12.15-13.00 p.m. Dr Deirdre O’Rourke – SUDEP
13.00-14.00 p.m. Lunch
14.00-15.00 p.m. Dr Arabella Fahy – ICU topic related to CNS.
15.00-16.00 p.m. Dr R Murphy – What not to miss in A&E.
November 30th  Peripheral Neuropathy  Dr. Orla Gray Belfast Commencing 10.00, concluding 17.00.
Video link to Peripheral Neuropathy Meeting in Kings College London. Please click on the link to follow to view programme Peripheral Neuropathy

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