Kamel Sayed Prize in Neurosurgery

Kamel Sayed Prize in Neurosurgery

The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland with Dr. Yacoob Kadwa, has created a new Neurosurgical Award which will be named in honour of Dr. Kamel Sayed.

Award General Information

Dr Yacoob Kadwa, RCSI graduate (Class of 1965) has created the “Mr Kamal Sayed Prize for Neurosurgery”.  The prize was named in order to pay special tribute to the memory of Mr Kamal Sayed, a graduate of RCSI (Class of 1960).
The prize is to be a prestigious award of the Irish Institute of Clinical Neuroscience to a neurosurgery trainee and will be presented to reward outstanding work and excellence in the field of neurosurgery.


“Mr Kamal Sayed Prize for Neurosurgery” is to be awarded for the best submitted paper in neurosurgery by a postgraduate neurosurgical trainee who is training at an Irish Clinical Neuroscience Centre at the time of application (Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland) The award will recognise and reward excellence in neurosurgery training or research to trainees of exceptional calibre who have demonstrated a high level of potential such as:-

  • research contributions, both fundamental and applied, which will add significantly to our knowledge base
  • who set a standard of excellence in research amongst peers
  • whose work will bring distinction in the field of neurosurgery who are recognised by the Irish Institute of Clinical Neurosciences for what they have accomplished as scholars


Candidates must be currently enrolled as a postgraduate neurosurgical trainee at an Irish Clinical Neuroscience Centre (Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland)
The award may be for a research project, development of a neurosurgical technique, or for an important clinical contribution .
The project should have been completed within the period of training
Applicants must be sponsored by the candidate’s head of department. The sponsor may advise, but should not author the submission
The project is to be submitted for presentation at a meeting of the Irish Institute of Clinical Neuroscience
Papers that have been published are not eligible for submission.
A successful candidate may not reapply in subsequent years


The “Mr Kamal Sayed Prize in Neurosurgery” will be announced annually. The award is open to all trainees in neurosurgery and the process to select the recipient will be conducted and overseen by Dr. Terry McWade, Executive Chairman of RCSI Research Executive and Committee , who will liaise with the Dean of IICN.

All submissions must include:-

  • Application Cover Sheet
  • Project Description
  • Provide an overview of the work that you (as the trainee) have been involved in.
  • Highlight the role and contribution you played in the initiation or development of this work (no more than 1000 words in length)
  • Sponsor’s Support letter - This letter will highlight the candidate’s contribution to the work. Indicate the importance of the work, the strength of this trainees work relative to others you have worked with and the independence of thought demonstrated by this candidate. (no more than 500 words in length)
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Optional supplemental materials. Examples include digital representation of the work, submitted papers, abstracts etc.

Applications should be forwarded to:

Dr. Terry McWade
Executive Chairman of Research Executive and Committee

Nominations should be received by Friday, November 19th, 2010.

Selection Criteria

The award will be evaluated using the following criteria:-

  • Originality and quality of research
  • Unusual depth or breadth in the use of research materials
  • Contribution and impact of the project on the advancement in the field of neurosurgery, both nationally and internationally
  • Evidence of significant personal learning and the development of a habit of research and inquiry that shows potential for future application
  • Clear and effective communication of ideas
  • Presentation quality
  • Benefit to patients
  • If, in the assessors’ view a project of suitable quality is not submitted, the prize will not be awarded.
  • Selection of the recipient of “Mr Kamal Sayed Prize in Neurosurgery” will be overseen by Dr. Terry McWade, Executive Chairman of Research Executive and Committee, RCSI, with liaison from the Dean of IICN.


The recipient of the “Mr Kamal Sayed Prize for Neurosurgery” will be announced and awarded at an Irish Institute of Clinical Neuroscience meeting held annually. The award will be presented by Dr Yacoob Kadwa or his nominee. The recipient will receive an engraved Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Medal and will be recognised in various RCSI alumni publications.

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