Clinical Neuroimaging and Radiological Neuroanatomy 2018

Dr. Dara Cannon, Director of the Galway Neuroscience Centre and Lecturer at NUI Galway, will run a Clinical Neuroimaging and Radiological Neuroanatomy Course in the National University of Ireland Galway on May 14th 2018.
It is a full-day intensive course and will take place in the Clinical Neuroimaging Laboratory & Anatomy Dissection Room, NUI Galway. 


Who is this course designed for? 

Anyone wishing to begin or increase their knowledge in neuroanatomy. Those who wish to refresh or upskill on neuroanatomy through medical imaging. Research students interested in neuroanatomical knowledge for image analysis purposes. The focus is not on diagnosis or pathology.

Syllabus  

  • Cerebrum, lobes, gyri, sulci  
  • Lateral, medial and inferior views  
  • Ventricles and subcortical structures  
  • Sectional T1 axial, coronal, sagittal  
  • Coordinate systems and atlases 

 plus a Separate stream choosing one of:  

  • Meninges, vasculature, Brainstem, cranial nerves  
  • White matter, tracts, terminology, orientations, diffusion mri, anisotropy, connectivity

Course Fee

The course fee is €160. For details of how to register please click the link to follow Clinical Neuroimaging and Radiological Neuroanatomy Course 


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